Personal Branding Worksheet–Complete this if you are interested in being successful.

Remember… people buy your image first and then buy what you’re selling. Completing this worksheet will enable you to identify how you want people to perceive you professionally. If you don’t have answers to the questions or don’t like your answers to the questions, this worksheet enables you to identify areas where you can improve, as well as, provides you tips on how to improve. Once you know how you want to be seen you will be able to better evaluate personal and professional actions and decisions. In order for this assessment to work, you need to devote at least 20 minutes of undivided attention to it. Your answers also must be subjective and accurate.

  1. Are consumers talking about you (do you have fans)? If so, how many?
  2. Are people familiar with your name and what you do?  If they are, how did they become familiar with you?
  3. Are industry professionals talking about you? Have you created a “buzz” for your products and services (ex. Are industry people talking about your live performances and CDs)? How do you know?
  4. Have you been approached by record label executives or other industry professionals? If so, who has approached you and why did they approach you?
  5. How have you gotten the industry professionals to know you? What have you done to attract their attention?
  6. What are you planning on doing to attract their attention?
  7. How many successful people in your industry do you know personally, or work with frequently? Who are they and what do they do? List them
  8. Are you working with successful and well connected businesses and individuals in the music industry? If so, what makes them successful and who are they?
  9. Do you have sponsors for events/projects that you are currently involved with? If so, who are your sponsors and what do they sponsor?
  10. Have you previously had sponsors for events/ projects that you have headlined/ been a featured artist at? If so, what type of events were you sponsored for? (ex. Music videos, live performances)
  11. What do you know about your profession (what you do)?
  12. Have you had professional training? If so, where did you train and for how long?
  13. List specific locations to meet people (in your local area) that are in your industry?
  14. How do you present yourself, your products, and your services? What do you do differently than your competitors? What’s different about you compared to those doing the same thing as you?
  15. How professional are you really? Are you punctual? Are you always on time to meetings and appointments? If you aren’t always on time, do you call the person you are supposed to meet with if you are running late? If you aren’t always on time, why aren’t you?
  16. What’s your work product like? Is your work high quality in nature? Is it the best it can be? If not, why isn’t your work high quality in nature?
  17. How much work do you put into what you do/ want to do with a living? How many hours a week do you devote to what you do?
  18. What exactly do you do /want to do for a living? What have you been doing to prepare for your dream job?
  19. How do you want potential customers and industry professionals to view you? What is your ideal professional image?

You’re done!

Ok, now that you have finished your self assessment you might be thinking that you need to do more to establish and enhance your personal brand image. If you want to learn about what you can do, read the “Image Building Tips” post. If not, congratulations, you’re at the top!