Unplugged The Network’s Weekly News Recap: 10/2/17

10/2/17 ~ The Music Business Network’s Music & Business News Recap
~ Las Vegas Shooting Near Mandalay Bay Casino Kills More Than 50– Http://Ht.Ly/Zbqa30fzw5U
~ How To Claim Your Artist & Record Label Pages On Spotify, ITunes, Google, Shazam, Deezer & More– Http://Ht.Ly/7R5b30fzwn2
~ Royalty Exchange Makes Eminem, Other Major Song Catalogs Available To Fan Investors– Http://Ht.Ly/H63Q30fzwyJ
~ Why Every Musician Should Be Playing More House Concerts– Http://Ht.Ly/JrHX30fzwIo
~ Guide To Livestreaming Your Concert Or Event On YouTube– Http://Ht.Ly/DNlz30fzwW3
~ Do-It-Yourself PR Tips For Musicians & Bands– Http://Ht.Ly/Kb2330fzx7U
~ Unplugged The Network’s Weekly News Recap: 9/25/17– Http://Ht.Ly/4hTV30fzxid
~ Keys To A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign– Http://Ht.Ly/APQ730fzxvm

10/3/17 ~ The Music Business Network’s Music & Business News Recap
~ Tom Petty, ‘Distinctively American’ Rocker Dies– Http://Ht.Ly/QnGi30fBi4a
~ Microsoft Names Spotify Preferred Music App On 400M Windows 10 Devices, As Tech Giant Exits Streaming Music– Http://Ht.Ly/ZZvg30fBi9x
~ 100 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice: Part 2– Http://Ht.Ly/OSD130fBiiU
~ The 7 Most Common Analysis Mistakes New Marketers Make– Http://Ht.Ly/8Q7H30fBiq1
~ LinkedIn: Musician’s Guide– Http://Ht.Ly/C3zc30fBiwB
~ 5 Things Musicians Who Are Killing It On Social Media Are Doing Now– Http://Ht.Ly/JcA330fBiD5
~ How To Pitch Music To A Spotify Playlist– Http://Ht.Ly/Ytf730fBiK6
~ Breaking Free Of Fear– Http://Ht.Ly/Ij8W30fBiQL

10/4/17 ~ The Music Business Network’s Music & Business News Recap
~ Give Me $1,000, And I’ll Get Your Song Played On FM Radio– Http://Ht.Ly/3qTv30fDc0B
~ On-Demand Streams Up 40.5% In The US So Far In 2017– Http://Ht.Ly/AoEV30fDcd9
~ How To Get Music Licensed On Music Libraries: 4 Steps To Get Started– Http://Ht.Ly/W9wF30fDcid
~ Music Jobs: Global Digital Sales Assistant At Ninja Tune— Http://Ht.Ly/RKQe30fDcwn
~ 7 Skills To Leave Off Your Resume– Http://Ht.Ly/F0go30fDcBz
~ You Need A Personal Brand. Here’s How To Build One– Http://Ht.Ly/KE5830fDcNz
~ 7 Online Security Tips For Musicians– Http://Ht.Ly/ZFhY30fDcUU
~ 12 Inspiring Quotes From Rock Icon Tom Petty– Http://Ht.Ly/WotY30fDd4C

10/5/17 ~ The Music Business Network’s Music & Business News Recap
~ Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2018 Nominees Announced: Radiohead, Eurythmics, Judas Priest, Nina Simone Among 9 First Time Nominees– Http://Ht.Ly/WKZM30fF4at
~ 10 Laws Of Social Media Marketing– Http://Ht.Ly/OjJW30fF4my
~ Use These 5 Steps To Create A Marketing Plan– Http://Ht.Ly/EHf230fF4uf
~ The 14 Most Destructive Myths Of The Music Industry– Http://Ht.Ly/XYpQ30fF4Dq
~ 11 Dos & Don’ts For Crowdfunding Your Album– Http://Ht.Ly/QJYF30fF4JB
~ 100+ Tools To Make Your More Effective, Efficient & Creative As A Music Marketer– Http://Ht.Ly/SZnP30fF4Sm
~ 4 Ways To Market Your Business For Free– Http://Ht.Ly/BWRo30fF5jM
~ Dream Big: 3 Ways To Fight Off Doubt & Build The Business You’ve Always Wanted– Http://Ht.Ly/HhSZ30fF5rq

10/6/17 ~ The Music Business Network’s Music & Business News Recap
~ How Social Media Acts As Online Word Of Mouth– Http://Ht.Ly/Lsut30fGHTG
~ More Than 50% Of Americans Check Facebook Several Times A Day– Http://Ht.Ly/TMk630fGHYX
~ The Secrets To Getting A Lot Of Freelance Work– Http://Ht.Ly/MF9E30fGI7A
~ 5 Tips For Making, Marketing, Monetizing Holiday Music– Http://Ht.Ly/7FPQ30fGIg3
~ 5 Ways To Use Experiential Marketing To Attract Generation Z– Http://Ht.Ly/SF2K30fGIpZ
~ Teach Yourself Online Marketing With This Simple Technique– Http://Ht.Ly/BwIP30fGIwL
~ How To Get Famous & Make Money On YouTube– Http://Ht.Ly/OycQ30fGIBG
~ How To Succeed As A Creator & Entrepreneur– Http://Ht.Ly/Dn2b30fGIJm