Unplugged The Network’s Weekly News Recap: 9/11/17

4 Social Media Trends You Need To Know About For Next Year– Http://Ht.Ly/HlOz30f3YfA
The Network’s Weekly News Recap: 9/4/17– Https://Buff.Ly/2xr2u3L
Why You Still Need Business Cards– Http://Ht.Ly/ULgq30f3YIJ
5 Takeaways From Bigsound 2017– Http://Ht.Ly/CYIN30f3YRn
The 3 Tools Every Expert Needs To Become A Thought Leader– Http://Ht.Ly/OeeW30f3Z1Y
Which Side Hustle Should You Try?– Http://Ht.Ly/IO9u30f3ZbG
3 Pillars Of A Successful Artist Brand– Http://Ht.Ly/McNl30f3Zis
The 5 Ways What You Do For A Living Can Affect Your Life– Http://Ht.Ly/R1wn30f3Zry
CDBaby To Donate Net Proceeds Of This Week’s Digital Sales To Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund– Http://Ht.Ly/KhDw30f5MMM
Austin Welcomes New Short Run Vinyl Pressing Plant– Http://Ht.Ly/LcsW30f5Nax
SoundCloud Won’t Be Profitable Until 2020, Latest Filings Shows– Http://Ht.Ly/H8Vd30f5Ntx
SONGS Music Publishing On The Block For Upwards Of $160 Million– Http://Ht.Ly/1Gc530f5NGs
Live Music Streamer LiveXLive Acquires Social Video App SNAP Interactive For $34 Million– Http://Ht.Ly/7NCD30f5NVA
10 Marketing Strategies To Fuel Your Business Growth– Http://Ht.Ly/J6gu30f5OdT
4 Ways The Right Social Media Tools Can Save You Time, Money– Http://Ht.Ly/SFcl30f5OlE
3 Signs You Are Becoming Successful– Http://Ht.Ly/Jmwx30f5OvX
Free Webinar: How To Use Customer Service As A Marketing Tool– Http://Ht.Ly/KVui30f7vlD
3 Positive Ways To Use Community Involvement To Boost A Career In Music– Http://Ht.Ly/TlHl30f7vrp
7 Ugly & Universal Truths About Branding You Need To Know– Http://Ht.Ly/Lw9E30f7vz7
How To Sell Out A House Concert– Http://Ht.Ly/MRIX30f7vEv
Showcase Application Tips From The SXSW Music Festival Team– Http://Ht.Ly/TSsu30f7vKV
Tips For Bringing A Crowd: Local Artist’s Guide To Beating The Struggle– Http://Ht.Ly/TlbN30f7vV6
Building An Online Presence: 7 Key Tips For Musicians– Http://Ht.Ly/OnqB30f7wLJ
A 4-Step #Guide To Achieving Career Success– Http://Ht.Ly/38Cv30f7wSR
What’s The Most Important Thing To Focus On When Building Your Business?– Http://Ht.Ly/Ostv30f9mrF
Legal Campaign Against Spotify Intensifies Ahead Of Company’s Plan To Go Public– Http://Ht.Ly/6k6A30f9mIk
100 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice– Http://Ht.Ly/SozU30f9mX0
Bandcamp Shares Impressive Stats, Adds Bulk Edits– Http://Ht.Ly/OZ3e30f9n3h
Event Marketing Tactics For Music Festivals– Http://Ht.Ly/HzCN30f9ndx
Facebook Live Toolkit For Musicians– Http://Ht.Ly/U6DB30f9nmh
4 Strategies For A Strong Early Marketing Plan– Http://Ht.Ly/Q47G30f9o0y
4 Habits Of Highly Successful Business People– Http://Ht.Ly/LY7C30f9oej
Science Shows How Creativity Can Reduce Stress– http://ht.ly/PVM830fbcBq
LiveXLive Acquires Slacker Radio– http://ht.ly/eqxg30fbcIj
One Thing You Can Do to Get More Clients– http://ht.ly/owvW30fbcTb
The Secrets to Getting a Lot of Freelance Work– http://ht.ly/jhz630fbcZF
The Power of Community Learning– http://ht.ly/JGJK30fbdb1 
Instagram Users Can Now Add Selfies, Color Backgrounds to Direct Messages– http://ht.ly/kMxQ30fbdgs
Everybody Is A Marketer– http://ht.ly/oc4y30fbdqH 
27 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Staying Focused– http://ht.ly/lHjO30fbdxh