Unplugged The Network’s Weekly News Recap: 9/4/17

Unplugged:9/4/17 ~ The Music Business Network’s Weekly Music & Business News Recap


Check Out The New Music Industry Job Postings In The Forums– Http://Ht.Ly/QA4q30eUWNA

Eventbrite Officially Closes Purchase On Ticketfly– Https://Buff.Ly/2eAGzeV

Walter Becker, Steely Dan Guitarist And Co-Founder Dies At 67– Http://Ht.Ly/Kqit30eUYNm

Is Streaming Music Really Worth $28 Billion?– Http://Ht.Ly/PeWx30eUYQR

YouTube Music Gives Offline Listening An Upgrade– Http://Ht.Ly/Fqvf30eUYWA

7 Ways To Correct A Failing Marketing Strategy– Http://Ht.Ly/J40t30eUZ0L

How To Make A Good Show A Great One– Http://Ht.Ly/KIZr30eUZ5T

Don’t Believe Anyone Who Says You Have To Be A Starving Artist– Http://Ht.Ly/LCjd30eUZbu


The 2 Most Important Attributes Of Any Good Entrepreneur– Http://Ht.Ly/2FII30eWPiD

PowerStation, Storied Manhattan Recording Studio, To Be Revived– Http://Ht.Ly/DlM530eWPo4

RIAA Forces Shut Down Of Top Streamripper YouTube-MP3– Http://Ht.Ly/Z9t330eWPwu

Amazon’s Lesson About Disruption: Rattle Any Market You Can– Http://Ht.Ly/FFLs30eWPDh

7 Tips For Publishing Engaging Facebook Video Content– Http://Ht.Ly/42U230eWPKd

The Reasons Why CD Artwork Is Important To Your Band– Https://Buff.Ly/2gG7dDW

Venue Guide To Getting Started On Spotify– Http://Ht.Ly/CaQp30eWQ8C

The Psychological Effect That Stops Smart People From Listening To Good Advice– Http://Ht.Ly/SHiB30eWQgT


7 Lucrative Online Jobs That Can Skyrocket Your Income– Http://Ht.Ly/3jo230eYIy4

Desktop Still Beats Phones For YouTube Viewing– Http://Ht.Ly/ULMf30eYIDL

Is SoundCloud A Business Or A Community?– Http://Ht.Ly/6yxq30eYIIv

BandLab Acquires, Rebrands DJ Live Streamer Chew.Tv— Http://Ht.Ly/OJOX30eYINp

Why The Truth Is So Important To Your Business– Http://Ht.Ly/6eyo30eYIW0

5 Problematic Habits #Songwriters With Home Studios Need To Quit– Http://Ht.Ly/Fol330eYJ0B

Musicians: What Is Your Vision? What Is Your Goal?– Http://Ht.Ly/RTX230eYJ8a

7 Steps To Developing The Habits Of Success– Http://Ht.Ly/K4qb30eYJgd


Big Machine Records & John Varvatos Records Announce Joint Record Label Venture– Http://Ht.Ly/PQU030f0vBQ

New Spotify, Apple Music, Hulu & Record Label Deals Mean Musicians Will Be Paid Less– Http://Ht.Ly/H2JZ30f0vLm

6 Steps For Dealing With Cheapskate Clients– Http://Ht.Ly/56s430f0vXS

Next Big Sound Adds Social Media & Streaming Data Notifications– Http://Ht.Ly/9qoz30f0w8v

Get Familiar With YouTube’s New Monetization Icons– Http://Ht.Ly/AwVI30f0whX

6 Ways To Use Storytelling As A Musician (That Have Nothing To Do With Lyrics)– Http://Ht.Ly/V5bm30f0wtm

Are You Doing Enough To Protect And Monetize Your Intellectual Property?– Http://Ht.Ly/EFXY30f0wCz

8 Ways To Elevate Your Game To The Next Level– Http://Ht.Ly/RTFt30f0wMC